So, we made a podcast. An inaugural, and almost dangerously amateurish, podcast. You should check it out.

Episode 1 here features a talk on Twitch/Youtube gaming channels, an overview of the Resident Evil series, and breaks Julie Peasgood down into her component parts. Brr. Also, there’s news and reviews, and what we call the Videogame Buttplug. Don’t worry, it’s just a name deriving from my inability to say ‘book club’ without it sounding like ‘buttplug’. Stupid, really, but then so’s the podcast.

DefCast: Videogame Talk should be appearing in the usual podcatchers before too long – there’s a delay on initial submissions, it appears – but you can listen now on the widget below, or on our soundcloud page, if that’s your jam. The RSS feed is this, if you wanted to manually add it into your catcher, as well.

Anyway, we hope you enjoy it.

[UPDATE: the podcast is now up on iTunes, if you’re that way inclined. We understand some of you are.]



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