DefCast #4: It’s Christmas


In the spirit of the season, we give to you this: DefCast#4. Uncharacteristically timely of us, we realise, but this is the way of things to come. Hopefully.

There may have been some booze imbibed before, during, and after this ‘cast, so you’ll excuse us if we appear slightly untoward. What remains, despite the deep potation, is our trademark ill-researched bletherings, though. I suppose the cover story here is that we discuss our favourite Christmas movies (one apiece; no grass growing here), while elsewhere, we chunter on about movies, telly and videogames. We certainly talk Dishonored 2, Watch_Dogs 2, and Killing Floor 2. At somepoint, you’d have expected us to remark upon how these are all sequels, but no. Like I say: booze.

Continuing with the unsigned music, one of our favourite bands Loveboat make an appearance, so go check their further wares out as well.

It’ll be in your podcatcher feeds as we speak, or you could head over here and do it off your computer. I swear, I’m looking into the whole ’embedding Soundcloud tracks onto our site doesn’t work’ thing. And by ‘looking into’, I mean that I’ve set someone else onto it. Someone with the right to piss about with websites and stuff. Someone who isn’t us.

Have good holidays, chaps.



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