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Def Exclusive is a pair of writers, gathered together in one place in order to celebrate/kvetch about gaming and popular culture. But mainly celebrate, we hope. Whilst the internet is a free and easy forum for all and sundry to express their thoughts, it’s largely a big hole of negativity; pot shots and snipes made from the safety of one’s home, and within a culture of anonymity.

We love games, mainly. Not necessarily in all their forms, but the culture surrounding them is a fascinating one, and worthy of comment.
With that in mind, allow me to introduce us:

Hal Walker selfie2

Hal gets his rocks off in huge digital worlds, but tends to veer towards shorter games these days. It’s certainly true that he’ll rock a sandbox, given the chance, but is more likely to be found quietly reflecting an eight hour finite masterpiece. It is perhaps worthy of note that he spent the better part of a decade as the gaming editor for both Exposed and Toast Magazines.
When not shirking responsibilities and brandishing a controller, he can be found playing a mean bass guitar or bothering his cat. And is surprisingly ok with writing about himself in the third person.

Ants AmbridgeAnts

In the rare moments that Ants isn’t head-banging his way through a sandbox epic, he is peering over his shoulder with mistrust in the space where his eyes should be at the ‘others’ that are ‘over there’. As far as he is concerned, if they don’t like games, cats or excellent TV and Film, then ‘they’ aren’t worth knowing and are probably ‘up to something nefarious’.
He is also a big fan of sweaty dick-punching in the UFC. That says it all.

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  1. I hear that Hal guy is scared of the X-Files.

  2. Looking forward to reading more from this blog. :)

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